Things i did, am doing and planning to do in my life.


✔ Go to the furthest point in Africa – Cape of Good Hope, South Africa
✔ Go to the start of Greenwich line – United Kingdom
✔ Visit Berlin wall – Germany
✔ Ice Skate in Budapest City park – Hungary
✔ Ride a bike along the Golden Gate bridge – United States
✔ Go the Atlantis the palm – Dubai
✔ Eat Mansaf in Amman – Jordan
✔ Cross the bridge connecting Asia and Europe – Turkey
✔ Watch Real Madrid live – Madrid
✔ Go inside the Colosseum – Italy
✔ Go to the Vatican City – Italy
✔ Toss a coin in Trevi fountain – Italy
✔ Hold Pisa tower – Italy
✔ Ride the London eye
✔ Spend a weekend in Las Vegas
✔ Go to Universal Studios
✔ Visit Hollywood
✔ Hoover dam

To do
☐ Go on a photography expedition in Iceland
☐ Vacation in the Maldives


✔ Camp on the highest point in Lebanon
✔ Watch Real Madrid Live
✔ Bungee Jump
✔ Paraglide
✔ Eat at Salt Bae
✔ Ride in a hot air balloon
✔ Play with baby lions
✔ Watch Queen Musical Live

To do
☐ Watch Coldplay live
☐ Watch System of a down live
☐ Skydive


✔ Give a TEDx talk
✔ Start my own business
✔ Talk on TV
✔ Meet Dr. Michio Kaku
✔ Meet Sir Ken Robinson